Cogdel Education U.S. West office quickly responded to the current circumstances surrounding the coronavirus by distributing masks to students in the international program.
Cogdel Education US West Officee provides safety measures for international students returning home by air travel.
Recently, Mr. Wang Shu (President of Cogdel) and Dr. Xu Zongqi (Director of Cogdel Western Office U.S.), visited California State University, Long Beach/CSULB, and had a meeting with Professor Chen Haihong (Director of International Exchange and Training Department of CSULB).
The George Bush US-China Relations Foundation recently announced that they will do their best to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Mr. Neil Bush, chairman of the Foundation expressed " After a few months, when everything returns to normal, I will invest heavily in China. At that time, China will regain its vitality and help the world recover the virus.”
Our partner school in the USA, Calvert School, sent us a warm greetings and wishes us success in fighting the Coronavirus.
In a letter to all Cogdel employees, President Wang reminds employees to continue fight off the Coronavirus. Many Cogdel employees produce a short video to encourage each other during this difficult time.
Thirty students from Cogdel were admitted by The International Student Leadership Program who have arrived Houston, the United States, to attend the two-week ISLP.
Season's greetings from Cogdel USA office -Saturday, December 14, 2019
Cogdel USA brought holiday cheers to its alum Jenny Zhang. Cogdel USA sent Ms. Wang who’s in charge of Overseas Student Services to visit Jenny who is studying at Juniata College at Huntington PA.
The groundbreaking ceremony and kick-off event of Chengdu Cogdel Cranleigh School was held in Longquanyi District, Chengdu, on November 2nd, 2019. This significant event highlighted Cogdel Education Group’s missions to build K-12 high-end private international schools, promote the exchanges and cooperation between China and the UK in education, and further promote the development of education internationalization. This ceremony also celebrated the 20 successful years of Chengdu #7 High School International Department and welcome the next chapter.
Mr. John Huffman, President of Oaks Christian School of the United States, was invited by Cogdel Education Group to visit Chengdu and Golden Apple Jincheng No. 1 Secondary School and Codgel Education Group Headquarters.